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Photocopier Disposal and Collection Service

This site is owned by Interactive Systems Services Limited dealers in new and used photocopiers as well as toners and consumables.

Due to the latest WEEE regulations users are now legally obliged to dispose of their old photocopiers ethically and responsibly, which leaves many clients wondering what to do with their old machine.

You may wish to sell a copier or simply have it removed and taken away to clear space in your office.

Depending on what the machine is we offer a number of choices. Subject to age, the number of copies that the machine has done, its general working condition and location we can:

  • Make an offer to buy and collect your photocopier – the machine would need to be working and suitable for refurbishment so that we may resell or lease it to a UK customer. Yes, you may be able to sell us your photocopier!
  • Collect your photocopier free of charge – the machine is not suitable for 1 above and does not have a sale value, but is suitable for recycling using as a "spare parts" donor machine.
  • Charge a small fee to collect your photocopier – the machine is not suitable for 1 above but may be suitable using as a "spare parts" donor machine or for export to countries where older photocopiers are still used. Due to transport costs it is unlikely we will be able to offer you any money for your copier.

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